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Bath Salt Zombies, Face eating: This may be the next epidemic

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i still think there was something more behind what happened then what is being said. they NEVER said whether or not they recovered the stolen lab machines that were stolen just before the incident of the man getting his face eaten. they never even said whether the homeless man attacked even lived. not to mention links to the story started drying up as soon as they started this whole "bath salts" thing. to much got swept under the rug to ignore or dismiss. i definitely dont think we heard the last of this crap. not by a long shot.

yea the man lived, hes recovering in a hospital in Fla man...they even released new images of his face "healing" (for lack of a better term). Anyway, they already said the Fla attacker didnt even have bath salts in his system...

i remember the toxicology report said they found traces of pot. they can say what they please. i still think it had something to do with the stolen lab equipment. until they find it. i think there will be another incident somewhere along the line and something so massive that BATH SALTS just wont cover it this time.

This is some seriously deadly shit! 

i know we aint heard the last of this crap. i can promise you that.

You know, I thought about this bath salt thing. And I, myself think it's a bogus cover up story. I believe that there was something wrong with this guy, (truthfully I think it was the solanum virus that Max Brook mentions in his book), but the government controls the media. From what I have read and watched about this case, this guy in Miami was shot several times in the chest and still attacked cops. It wasn't till they hit his head he went down for good. According to what I've read and watched. I think in all honesty, it was something else that ended up inside this guy that turned him. 

Now I believe the government may have had something to do with this. We've been lured to sleep by all the technology and media propaganda about everything from folk-lore monsters to zombies to alien visitors. With the invention of movies, (Now don't get me wrong, I love a good ol' bloody, face ripping, organ tearing, snarling and nashing teeth monster, zombie movie), we started making monster movies. Well the government had to step in a create the MPAA and have ratings placed on movies, then they had the control of the industry. 

   Now with the government letting people soak the media with movies and TV shows about all the folk-lore monsters, including zombies, we've been basically sung to sleep mentally. Because we are so numb in the way of the violent acts showed on the TV to in movies, that nothing shocks us anymore. So when a story like this happens, to make sure no one really finds out what had happen, the government takes charge and they come up with some lame ass excuse such as bath salt caused this guy to preform acts of a zombie. Which I do not believe that bath salts did this.

   I think it was either some form of brain parasite, some virus that had been engineered in a lab somewhere, or a mutation of some sort that this poor soul may have suffered from. But of course, the media had to come up with some totally off the wall excuse for what happened to the poor guy whose face was eaten. Anyways, this isn't the first and won't be the last in the up coming years of zombie attacks to hit the news media.

just before the attack. and just blocks away. some lab equipment was stolen that was used to test some contaminated brain tissue. they said it was a human equivalent of mad cow disease and the equipment stolen was sterilized heavily and was scheduled for medical waist disposal. but after all the coverup came about. nothing more was ever mentioned about this equipment again. they also mentioned that the man whose brain tissue was tested had an autopsy done on his body. an autopsy, even the most in depth ones, only take a week to two weeks tops. this guys took an entire month from the time the CDC took charge of the body to the time that the family got it back for burial. again. none of this was ever followed up on nor mentioned again after the whole bath salts thing was put out to the media. it just disappeared. and just one more point of order. the man that was shot. he took five hits in center mass (the chest area). nobody hopped up on anything survives five hits to the chest at close range no matter what they are on. not even those hopped up on crack cocaine. reason being if you hit the heart and lungs its game over. and that is where anyone who is trained as a cop or trained for a ccw permit (concealed carry permit) is trained to hit. but instead of dying after those hits. the perpetrator/zombie just looked up, snarled at the cops and lunged for a bite. this was NO drug addict they shot. that is for sure. and all this at the shooting scene can be confirmed because there was a witness to the whole thing. here is the YouTube video below. it even has a news segment that descries what bath salts can do. but none of it looked like what the poor slob who witnessed the attack saw. and when it comes to the video below. you gotta love the Underworld portion of this video. lol.

See in all the reports I've read or watched, none mentioned the stolen lad equipment. I even watched the full news report and not one mention of stole lab equipment. Or did I miss it during the overshadowing of the man eating the man's face?

I have a life long friend that lived down there and he didn't mention anything about the lab equipment be stolen. From what he told me, he was only a few blocks away when it happened. 

But like most of us, he ignored the police going by and went home. Then later he found out what happened and damn near crapped his pants as to how close he was to the incident.

i can understand his feeling. that would be hard to swallow. the last thing one would expect is a incident that could lead to a z-poc. i been following a lot of things concerning this thing. since the lab equipment has been stolen. there was this with the homeless man and two schools had to be evacuated due to unexplainable rashes on students and faculty and cleaned by the Hazmats. and all within an 8 block range of the theft. then there were random attacks of cannibalism around other places in the world. but they were done by those in their right frame of mind and planned it. but the one that interests me more is the one in the area where the homeless man was attacked. i think there will be more as long as those machines are not accounted for. a lot more. and what is worse is there is underground labs that dont care where they get their gear. so whatever research they do could end up contaminated from the diseased tissue they tested. and compound the situation that much more. granted it would not be anything like a meth lab that would want the equipment taken. but people that like to do viral research illegally like playing with anthrax would love to have the testing equipment like what was stolen. things like electron microscopes like the one stolen, a bacteria culture machine like the one stolen. this kind of thing would be a hit for underground virologists. and if they use it and it is the cause of the attack? god only knows what viral monster they will make. and all of it buried under a storm of "BATH SALTS" rumors and misinformation. never hurts to keep one ear to the ground and the other in the air.

solanum isnt a real virus. Its another word for tomato.(and perhaps nightshade, cant remember)

it describes the whole family of nightshade plants which are very poisonous by the way. and as far as the whole solanum virus thing goes. Max Brooks gave it that name so he had a reference point to describe what goes on in the human body when infected and to give the virus a name to relate to. people are funny that way. they better understand when they hear a label or a name to things.


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