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Are you really ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? What weapons/ammo do you have stockpiled? How many days, weeks, months, years of supplies do you have stored and saved? How secure is your bunker, home or safe-house?

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ı have a great supply of weapons and ammo and add to ıt every day. ı have several cases of AK47 rıfles for myself and my komradz. for each weapon ı have four thırty round magazınes and mag pouches to go around. plus ı have ammo of all dıfferent calıbers stored up for those of you komradz that have your weapon of choıce already. hand gun wıse ı have several cases of SPRINGFIELD ARMORY XD9's and fıve mags to go wıth each. that way ıf one of my komradz has lost theır weapon some how or just plaın has no fırearms. then ı got them covered. food wıse ı am stocked for a year. ıf each komrad stores enough food for 1 year. then when we all meet up ın the mountaın sektor and combıne ıt. there should be enough to go around for a long tıme. my dıgs as far as a safe house goes ıs defendable but lıke most homes wont be safe for long. so when the tıme comes for myself and all that hook up wıth me to move. we can pack up everythıng ın the vehıcles we have at our dısposal and move out for the mountaın sektor as planned.

I have food and water stockpiled. I need to get my weapons and ammo up and I will be ready!

nope, i plan on running!

cant run forever bro. what ya gonna do when your back is against the wall? gotta be ready.

radio fer an airstrike?

and if your radio has dead batteries or is broke??? how ya gonna call in the airstrike? what then? lol.

iz ok, i the energizer bunny.

hell no, Im only ready mentally!!! Not good, time to get shit ready!!

Im gettin there, thanx for the help V!!...


No Problem Komrad Fennek Supplied the Gas Mask... -KOMRADZ LEAD THE WAY-

I am getting myself prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse! 

group of us will take some UH-60s and some UH-72s, with enough supplies to sustain our aircraft, use one of our birds as a tanker, weapons are good.  Fly up and down the southwest from air field to air field.  Cool thing is that when it happens, civilian air traffic will be forced down on the ground just like 9/11.  Means plenty of gas for our birds to go running every which way we want!!  Of course we could use some extra man/woman power, raids will be a little on the hazardous side ;)  lol 



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