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QUESTION FOR THE GROUP!!! If there truly were to be an apocalyptic event (ZOMBIE OR OTHERWISE) would you want know when it was going to occur ahead of time? If you were sitting on the bus next to someone who had just got en a text telling them the exact date and time of the apocalypse and they asked you if you wanted to know, WOULD YOU SAY YES?  This is the question I am going to ask you to explore within yourselves right now.

To begin to answer this question I think we should start by knowing the definition of the word.  The most commonly accepted definition of Apocalypse  is - Great or total devastation or doom... Doesn't sound that chipper does it?!?! Lets take the first part of the definition to explain my theory on why I think it would be a bad idea to have that knowledge. It starts out Great Or Total. Now I am as optimistic as the next person but not to the point of not being realistic. You have to think that your chances of surviving one aren't that great. None of ours are. Knowing when it would happen would change your life from that point on. From that point on every time your child smiled at you or your love gave you a kiss you would think
THEY WILL PROBABLY BE DEAD SOON...You wouldn't be able to help it. Would you really be able to enjoy anything with that knowledge or WOULD YOUR LIFE FROM THAT POINT ON BE CLOUDED WITH THE VERY ESSENCE OF DEATH? I know we as a species tend to take life for granted because we expect it to always be there until the day its not but at least then we could laugh, we could play, we could dance... all without the end weighing us down. Should it be that way? Is it designed that way for a reason?

AND YES... I have not forgotten my wonderfully anally over preparers! :) The argument for knowing it would of course be to BE READY FOR IT! You would have time to prepare and that would possibility give you a better chance of survival. You would be about to get your BoB  (BUG OUT BAG) not  (BATTER OPERATED BOYFRIEND...Though that might be in my bag :) HE! HE!...HE! HE! HE!), ready. You could make a plan of where to go. You could be stocked well with food and ammo. In general you would just be able to prepare... Plus I imagine it would take time and there fore would depend on how much time there was left but I think if you did know that then there would be a point where you would be able to soak in the happiness of life. Maybe even more so then we normally do. IF YOU COULD GET PAST THE FEAR AND SO OFTEN THE ANGER THAT FALLOWS FEAR.

So I leave you with these 2 questions...

  1. If you had the opportunity to decide whether or not you would know when the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE was going to start, WOULD YOU CHOSE FOR YOURSELF TO KNOW.
  2. Number 2 is a bit harder... If you made the decision to know then you you then chose to tell your loved ones? WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO LOOK INTO YOUR CHILD'S EYES AND TELL THEM THE EXACT DATE AND TIME THAT THEY WOULD MORE THEN LIKELY DIE!?!?

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Well thanks sweetie... It was one I did recently did on my website and thought it would be good for this group of people :) And I totally get that whole kid thing... My son will be 1 years old on the 22ND and if anything were to ever happen to to him then you might as well throw me in the ground right next to him cause I'm done dude :)
I would want to know so I and my Loved ones could be well prepared. I will make sure that Help as many people with valuable knowledge and training. I do not believe that telling my children will be a Death sentence but a way to cope and manage the inevitable events that will take place.
Venessa - That is an excellent way to look at it sweetie. I'm still not sure that it wouldn't have a negative effect on things... On the other hand it could have the opposite effect. It could just make you appreciate everything even more for that period of time and being prepared is always good :) Though my son is just now going to be 1 on the 22nd so not quite sure how you would go about explaining something like that to a child that young. I love your comment though... It gives a different clear perspective. Would you mind if I put it on my site under the comments on that page? I love giving my readers different perspectives and having them decide for themselves. :)
LW>>>  So you would take the Na Na Na Na Boo Boo approach :) LOL
LOL I guess it could be as long as you put it as Ha Ha Ha!!! Now who is Crazy!!! and then hitting her with the rock :) LOL


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