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this is where you can post your ideas for the show. you want a wepon tested. mod made, of just have a way we can improve the show then write it down. i promise to read everyone. if your ideas a winner and with in our power then you'll see it come to life on REDEAD THE UNDEAD along with a shout out from me Saint.357.

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i watched your video on the fry pan, steel pipe and 9 iron golf club. i expected the last two to pass with flying colors. but i do have an idea for the next test. i want to see you test a CAST IRON SKILLET on old Porky's head. see how his stinky head holds up to that. lol. i know the lady next door hit the guy she was with with one and put the fool in a coma for two weeks. LMAO!!! so that should be a really nice test to do. as a result, my test request.


Could you make a key chain self defense weapon?

Zombies aren't the only thing we have to worry about!

well as you know there are already a ton of those on the market but i guess i could look into it.

what about my cast iron pan? lol.

well i do got one, so tell you what rhino, because you got me doing this again. and soon as i can get up enough money for a pigs head, you got. the first weapons test will be your frying pan!

sweet. lol. thanks. always wanted to see if they do as good as people say.

i know it's heavy and awkward to swing so while i'm sure it can get the job done it, it wont be a good weapon.

not as a main weapon. but more of a weapon of opportunity. and in the hands of most women and a good cook, a very formidable one i would think.

well we'll find out as soon as i can raise the 40 dollars to buy the pigs head. which is why people should be buying my wonderful zombie themed merchandise from the zazzle store. it's what helps me pay for better products ideas and video's. I'm doing all of this on a no string budget right now.

also when i think about it. i remember there was a kubaton key chain that would be quite formidable against both living and undead. you may wanna test it as a form of last stand type weapon. here is a picture. what do ya think??

interesting i did always want to own one of these things so i guess this is a excuse to do buy one. i was also as killa suggested going to make my own. i was thinking a zombie head one with out a jaw where the teeth are the hitting end and the finger holes are the eyes. and i'd cut it out of steel of maybe polycarbonate plastic.   

Have you done any gardening? In a survival sense? Do you have a yard that you can try out different seeds to see how they grow?


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