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The movie Seed, written, directed and produced by Uwe Boll, was an eye opener.

I thought the new generation of horror was becoming a pit of PG-13 rated garbage, not worthy of the horror titles. This movie has restored my faith in the horror industry.

Written, directed and produced by Uwe Boll, I will be looking for more of his work with high hopes and child-like anticipation. 




Seed, Whoa.

Those are the words I will use to describe how I felt after I watched this film.

I can honestly say that from the first sequence to the last scene, I was on edge.

For true horror fans, this is a must-see. It’s a film that will burrow under your skin, crawl around and lay the grounds for mental trauma worth hundreds of dollars in psychiatrists bills a few years down the road.



It has everything; psychological torture, gore, and a silent serial killer who has no remorse and genuinely seems to enjoy his line of work.

I jumped out of my seat, and not because some stupid cat jumped out with soundtrack blaring, but because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing happen on screen. No tired old tricks or gimmicks, my jaw was on the floor throughout the film and I can honestly say that my heart stopped for a moments at a time.

I will tell you this, if you do not have an iron stomach or a heart of ice, you may want to skip the first 15-20 mins of the movie. You will be able to watch the remaining contents of the film without any issue, but several of my horror fanatic friends couldn't hack it for the beginning sequence and wrote the movie off entirely. But seriously, give it a shot, if the first bit is too much, skip past it and you will enjoy the rest of the film!

Tacky horror, this is not. It is unforgiving; a legitamate assault on your moral compass. You will not find any sort of comfort from this film because comedic relief was definitely not on the creator's docket.


True horror, the way it should be.


Not for the faint at heart, or squeamish bellies. The content is unrelenting, disturbing and brutal, but very realistic. Realism and the threat of events depicted in Seed are what makes this film a winner.  



I don’t want to give anything away, you want plot summaries and spoilers, go to imdb.com and research it yourself. But this horror movie junkie says it’s going in the “I’ll definitely watch that again” pile.


Sweet Dreams, Horror Junkies.


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Koma White thanks for reviewing and sharing this horror gem!
This will be added to my must see list! Thanks Koma!
instantly jumped to top 5 must see list!!! thanx doll you never dissapoint.
I want to have a movie night with Koma because she has the Wickedest reviews!
LOL thanks guys and gals! :)
I have never heard of movie lets see if I can find this GOODIE!


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