Wicked Zombies


nightmare: fuck!!!! alright, replace the red dots and scopes fro non electronic scoped and iron sights, i'll pack our gear and see if i can find a working vehicle.


tyler: where are going?


nightmare: we gotta get out of japan as soon as possible. we'll go to the next city and see if  they got affected by the E.M.P, we need to call HQ and tell them to come pick us up


tyler: never thought i'd hear you say that.


saya: (comes running up the stairs) the power's out 


nightmare: it's an E.M.P 


saya: what? how? why?


nightmare: i'd guess to quarantine the city, if there's no power, no one can leave. planes,cars,ships, anything with a chip is fried.


saya: what are we gonna do?


nightmare: leave. find a place that wasn't affected by the E.M.P. and call for help.


saya: i'll tell everybody to get ready


tyler: hey alex, can i talk to you alone for a sec


nightmare: sure


(saya goes to tell the others leaving nightmare and tyler alone)


tyler: remember when you said you knew that i was bit? how? 


nightmare: felt it.


tyler: what do you mean felt it?


nightmare: you were holding your side, i just guessed


tyler: are you immune to the virus too?


nightmare: no, i got something else


tyler: what?


nightmare: (looks at his reflection on the window) 

(inside nightmare's mind) 

shadow: come one, just let me go out and play for a little while

nightmare: never!!! you're not getting out!!! 

shadow: we'll see about that


tyler: yo, nightmare, you there? hello?


nightmare: hmm? oh..sorry, my mind just drifted away.


tyler: no shit. now you said you had something else, what did the treatment do to you?


nightmare: just gave me migraines. 


tyler: oh.....well i'll get the guns ready, 


nightmare: i'll get the backpacks ready


tyler: can't we get the car running?


nightmare: don't think so, just take 1 rifle, 1 pistol, and 1 blade weapon, oh and don't forget a crowbar, i'll take the shovel.


tyler: ok


we all finished packing up our stuff, just what we could carry on our backs


alice: onii-chan, we're are we going?


nightmare: to find help 


guard: Mr. takagi!!!! they broke through the barricades!!!!!


Mr. takagi: evacuate everybody who can't use a gun, everyone who can is to be given a weapon and has to protect the survivors.


guard: yes sir


Mrs. takagi: you kids need to leave now


saya: not without you two!!!


Mr. takagi: your mother and i can take care of ourselves, we'll leave after everyone has been evacuated


(loud screams and shots are heard outside)


Mrs. takagi : (hands saya a luger) alex, please teach my daughter to use it and keep her safe


saya: mom.....


nightmare: i'll protect her with my life


Mr. takagi: i would expect nothing less from you, now take everyone to the next city, they should be unaffected by the E.M.P. 


nightmare: yes sir


Mr. takagi: (hands saeko a katana) here, as a gift for your father being a great teacher to me.


saeko: (bows) thankyou


tyler: we don't have much time, we need to leave now


we all wanted to stay and fight, but we would've just died. we could hear their moans between the screams and the bullets. we'll get rid of them i swear. after hours of running we nanaged to get to a bike store.


tyler: we could use this and be in the next city in 2-3 hours, what do you say?


nightmare: what about all of our gear?


tyler: we could make a flat bed trailer and attach it to two bikes, you and i could pull the gear and alice. that way she won't fall behind


nightmare: ok. we'll rest here for the day and leave in the morning


tyler: sounds like a plan


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