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A question I get asked often is How do you come up with names for your characters? Well, that depends. Often people I kill off gruesomely are based on people I don't like and at times, their names are thinly veiled ones...

But, in the case of other characters, some can be easter eggs (a nice wink at the reading audience), some just sound good and some have an origin behind them...

Let's take a look at a few major characters from both novels.

LLoyd Horace Benton III, the guy who owns Benton PharmCorp and through his greed, has the zombie virus created. I have NO idea where I came up with this name, but it went through no changes. Sounds like a rich bastard though, eh?

Captain Roman, the President's aide. His name is an homage of sorts to George Romero. In fact, in early drafts, his name was Romero, but that was too easy.

Doctor Ignatio Savare - Come on. This one is easy. This is a homage to Tom Savini. (Again his original name was closer to Savini, but that was too easy).

Joe Taylor, leader of the body snatchers is an everyman. He wants to survive and Joe is a really basic name. Taylor I lifted from the name of an astronaut from one of my favorite movies. That's right, Joe got his last name from Taylor in Planet of the Apes!

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Cool thanks

A little more fun information:

In Enclave 2, the two main characters are a Marine Sniper and his Dog. Sergeant Ben Morgan and Max. Some people have accused me of naming Morgan after myself. UNTRUE! It just came to be. And as for Max, that's just such a standard dog name, and it went really well with Ben Morgan, that I stuck with it. Now there's a movie coming out called Max, about a military dog. Maybe I should be calling a lawyer? hahahahahaha!

Sound like you have another zombie novel that will be a huge hit. Thanks for the update.


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