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the other day i was listening to Steve Jobs supply a communicate wherein he turned into predicting the destiny of computing, and he became bang on with lots of his predictions. This became before the internet even existed. I recognise you are possibly thinking why i'm citing this in an article approximately writing your own dubstep, but possibly you might have a clue already. in case you needed to describe him with the primary phrase that comes into your mind, what would it be? For me it'd be 'innovator'. sure, he has a reputation for being ruthlessly suggest to human beings, however a hundred years from now he might be remembered in records as a true innovator. The link here is plain. could you as an alternative be remembered for making 100 songs that sounded like the whole lot else or only a handful of songs that had been completely in a class of their very own?

I also accept as true with this is some thing that isn't always too far of a stretch to achieve, seeing as there are so many copycats available trying to sound like all and sundry else.

The real Innovators

In any musical genre or sub-style, there are a handful of artists who're in reality pushing new limitations and exploring new sounds. Then there are the those who are hugely inspired by way of this new sound and attempt to reflect it. that is everyday human behaviour, and it is a great factor as a part of the larding process on your tune manufacturing journey. however there is a line that needs to be recognized. in case you move that line, you aren't doing your self any favours.

remember the fact that there's handiest considered one of you in the international, so instead of becoming a a twin of someone else why not try and locate your personal musical identity? consider who the actual innovators are to you. if you are familiar sufficient with their song, try to training session how they were given to wherein they're these days. They obviously followed different manufacturers and tried to copy some of their sounds, specially in the starting. lots of them even spend the time to reverse engineer the sounds of others to apprehend how they may be made. In fact that is a incredible way to select up new strategies, as long as you contain them into your very own sound in an unique manner and don't attempt to exercise session every single method another producer makes use of. but there was a point after they started out to break away and set up their very own voice.

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So how do you locate your very own voice as a ghost producer manufacturer? For me it is all about questioning outside of the field and attempting out new technical procedures to create sounds that have now not been heard earlier than. under are my ideas on steps you may take to find your personal voice and be greater innovative with your tune.

expand Your Horizons

Get influenced with the aid of random matters outdoor of track. A great way is to observe independent films that make you feel a sure surroundings for your mind. this will sound unusual however a number of you'll recognise what i'm talking approximately.

pay attention to completely one of a kind kinds of music for your style. in case you make dubstep, listen to Avant Garde people track from the 1980's. You may not like it all but you may find out new musical concepts so one can encourage you to do some thing similar for your (dubstep) song. via increasing your horizons in this way you will draw upon affects from so many more forms of music than everyone else is listening to that you will be able to use a number of the ones thoughts and easily stand out from the crowd.


This become a tip I got from Stickybuds whilst he did an interview for my BassGorilla Podcast. Stickybuds said that he likes to collaborate with artists who he sees as being a whole lot better than him, because he learns a lot from them. another advantage of taking part is that you do half the amount of work that you do in a song you write via your self and also you reach audiences - your personal fan base and your collaborator's lovers. the key to collaborating correctly is to preserve yourself motivated and make certain that you reach the quit goal of completing the tune. by using running with humans which you genuinely appreciate it's going to make it less difficult to get the track finished.

experiment As a lot As viable

mess around with as many random strategies that your mind can conjure up. that is the maximum critical factor of this article. There are lots of areas of your track in which you may try this - sound layout, unusual rhythms, writing melodies and chord progressions, arising with uncommon transitions and fills as well as experimenting when doing the very last blend down of a song.

that is what is going to lead to you locating your own precise voice together with your music. Of path among the experiments you carry out will result in natural rubbish, but on occasion you will find out a few in reality gems that you can mirror in other destiny songs.

that is what all of those producers who you regard as genuine innovators are clearly doing to end up innovators in the first location. They distance themselves from the herd.

Experimenting with sound design may be a big amount of fun. you can jump down a synth patch to audio so that you can warp it in all varieties of unusual methods and observe a plethora of exciting outcomes to it. you could pattern some sound from an unusually source and do the same with it.

every other thing to maintain in mind is that the virtually songwriting technique and developing with some thing original is regularly omitted with the aid of manufacturers who recognition some distance an excessive amount of in their efforts at the engineering facet of things. i might urge you to give you an authentic music first and then paintings on sound layout and different engineering elements.


it's far all about your mind-set. you need to decide what sort of artist you want to be visible as and find your personal place within the world of tune. Do you want to be remembered in the world of song within the way that Steve Jobs is remembered in the worlds of business and technology, or do you want to be simply some other Joe Bloggs? i hope you determined those pointers helpful and enjoyed reading.

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